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13th April 2017
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15th April 2020

Unified communications – how can we help?

The goal of unified communications is to integrate all methods of communication, from radios to emails, to form one easy method that workers can use to communicate with their teams and colleagues, whatever device they are using. These solutions are already revolutionising the way that organisations communicate not just with each other, but with other organisations, offering a safe, practical and easy way to connect with the world.

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology we offer at Leversedge, such as Motorola MOTOTRBO™ WAVE, you can change the way your organisation communicates for the better, instantly connecting two-way radios, smartphones and even computers to one network, making sure no one is ever out of reach.

Imagine you need to get an urgent message to a colleague who’s only got their radio with them, or you’re in charge of a team who can’t carry radios with them. That’s where unified communications comes in, connecting disparate land mobile radio systems together to create a more efficient method of communication. WAVE even allows you to communicate with key work partners even if they don’t use a Motorola radio system, breaking boundaries across the sector.

From housekeeping to security, WAVE allows you to communicate freely in the way that suits you, making the whole of your employee base a simple phone call away. You’ll even be able to integrate outside contractors onto your network temporarily, helping every event run smoothly. And once the event is over, you’ll be able to deactivate the temporary licenses quickly and without fuss, with no need to organise the return of radios and equipment.

Not all employees need radios, and WAVE is a smart solution to keep those who don’t in contact with the whole team, wherever they are. Explore the whole range of innovative and cutting-edge products that we offer at Leversedge, and find your unified communications solution today.