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4th April 2017
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22nd May 2017

How to watch out for lone workers with Leversedge

If you are looking to improve how you watch out for lone workers in your workplace and would like to incorporate a robust health and safety and lone worker policy, we can create a tailored communications solution to suit your needs at Leversedge, specially crafted for your industry.

With the rise in flexible working hours, home deliveries, community services and less fixed workforce locations, there are more lone workers than ever in our midst – and sometimes, these isolated team members can be exposed to dangers, potential accidents and violent behaviour.

With a heavy reliance on lone workers, it’s your responsibility to put procedures in place to protect them and watch out for them – and that’s where Leversedge come in, with advanced two-way radios featuring Lone Worker Mode. This feature really can save lives.

These radios still work in exactly the same way as other two-way radios, allowing for clear, instant communication, but they offer additional functionality that really is invaluable, proving to be an asset in most lone worker scenarios.

Lone Worker Mode is an innovative safety check that sounds a tone at regular intervals – the lone worker must respond as otherwise, linked radios are alerted. If the worked cannot be found and doesn’t respond, a search is then conducted. Some digital radios even have a software add-on that lets you see on a map where each and every radio user is, whether they’re inside or outside, so you can easily find them if they don’t respond.

If you have team members regularly working alone, whether it’s in manufacturing, education, hospitality, logistics, healthcare or retail, trust Leversedge to find the right communication solution for you. If your personnel cover large, remote areas or if they operate in hazardous environments, it’s in both their and your interests to provide optimal protection, and two-way radios with Lone Worker Mode are here to do just that.

If two-way radios with Lone Worker Mode are what you’re missing in your business, contact Leversedge today so you can watch out for lone workers in the best way possible.