Push-to-Talk from Leversedge

At Leversedge, we don’t like limits, boundaries or restrictions – our approach is to enhance communication and make it as effortless, effective and affordable as possible. And with instant, things are about to get a whole lot easier.

With instant technology, turn your team’s existing smartphones into secure push-to-talk radios at the touch of a button. Connect with colleagues with 98% UK-wide coverage – and even across Europe*. Get GPS tracking, call recording and voice dispatch too, along with the ability to connect radio systems together and communicate between smartphones, radios, computers and landlines for better real-time coordination and response.

Benefits of Push-to-Talk

Reliable real-time Push-to-Talk over Cellular and Broadband, as well as very high quality

Enabling private (one-to-one) and large group calls

Extremely fast (sub sec)
call setup time

Providing user presence
and status

Communicate from practically any location.

With instant, benefit from clear, crisp and loud audio thanks to wideband audio streams, along with the ability to communicate from practically any location on your device of choice – that’s because instant connects your disparate networks so you can communicate between them instantly and securely.

It’s time to eradicate your business’ long-range communication issues and start making the most of this professional, affordable and effective solution – bring this innovative solution to your team and start benefiting instantly.

This powerful push-to-talk platform has been designed to enhance and optimise your work group communications, so contact the Leversedge team today and find out more about how instant can improve your communications.

Protect your lone workers Instantly.

Push-to-Talk from Leversedge is here to protect Lone Workers too in line with UK Legislation, helping to increase employees’ security and safety. This advanced technology can raise the alarm in an emergency at the touch of a button and can also send an hourly message to Loan Workers that they must respond to – without a response, an alarm is raised for someone to check on them.

Additionally, with almost complete UK coverage (98%), Push-to-Talk is ideal for lone workers in remote places, and it also enables a tracking device to enable you – the employer – to see where a Lone Worker is at all times.

Immediate and always connected to an open data channel on the mobile network, instant gives Lone Workers the fastest route to raising the alarm in the event of an incident.

Push-to-Talk products at Leversedge feature up-to-the-minute technology – and with advanced POC-IT Dispatcher Functionality, you’ll have eyes and ears everywhere to keep your staff safe. Make the most of multi-channel and multi-session monitoring and broadcasting.

Benefit from various call features including recording calls, manual or auto-record SOS calls, lone worker countdown timers, historical location and audio playback, along with Map centric with GeoTalk™ in-call location viewing.

The system also includes Patching” add users to an ongoing group, One to One and group calling, pre-emption and priority calling, all of which is accessed through the Fleet Administrator dispatcher screen.

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