Introducing Leversedge

Critical Communications Solutions

Michael Hammond,
Business Development Manager


Michael Hammond

Business Development Manager

Founded in 1975, Leversedge have been successfully trading for over 40 years.

We provide specialist communications and vehicle solutions across multiple industries.

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Real-Time Asset Tracking

Introducing TrakSecure

Our vision for TrakSecure: Secure by Design is to become a new ecosystem for telematics and the growing IoT world.

Secure by Design is the philosophy behind everything we do. This includes encryption at every stage and regular vulnerability scans with intrusion attack and security updates to mitigate new threats. 

AI Powered CCTV Technology

Introducing Avigilon

Avigilon are a Motorola Solutions company that designs, develops and manufactures advanced AI, video analytics, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions.

Strengthening Long-Term Partnerships

UKAS Accredited Temperature Calibration Specialists

As UKAS Accredited Temperature Calibration Specialists, our highly skilled teams pride themselves on keeping highly specialised vehicles performing as safely and efficiently as possible.​

A recent project saw the team spend 14 days on site with long-standing partner and the UK’s leading Pharmaceutical distributor AAH Pharmaceuticals, where we completed a grand total of:​

  • 97 Fridge Calibrations​
  • 84 Vehicle Re-gasses​
  • 92 Vehicle Calibrations​
  • 7 Trailer Repairs​

This annual maintenance ensures that the AAH Pharmaceutical fleet can continue to safely transport medical supplies to millions of people across thousands of UK communities – a partnership and service we are proud to deliver.​

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