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17th November 2016
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4th April 2017

Why does good communication pay off in the manufacturing industry?

Communication pays off in the manufacturing industry

If you work in the manufacturing industry, you’ll already know how important effective communication is – you can’t stop the production line, so instant, clear communication is essential. At Leversedge, we offer communication you can count on and we have the ability to transform your business with a wide range of critical communication solutions.

How does clear communication help in manufacturing?

From the moment the raw materials come into the factory until the finished product leaves the premises, two-way radios can help along the production line. And the two key things it enhances? Productivity and efficiency – and anything businesses can do to improve these two factors can’t be dismissed.

With every member of staff able to stay in contact with each other, it’s easy to manage workload and also to communicate any issues on the production line effectively and quickly, meaning that team members can either prepare for or adapt to the situation without delay.

Using two-way radios, work can be easily delegated, the team can adjust to fit the current workload, safety issues can be raised, and for lone workers there’s an extra safety measure available where an alarm automatically sounds if a lone worker doesn’t respond. Additionally, shortages in material can be communicated before they actually run out, saving time – and therefore money.

A sophisticated solution tailored to you

At Leversedge, state-of-the-art two-way radios available include those from popular Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera and Vertex Standard brands. They offer a wide variety of functions and features including large coverage areas, crystal clear audio quality, enhanced security and impressive battery life, enabling you to make your processes run safely and seamlessly to meet any and every deadline.

By connecting all team members with one intelligent communication solution tailored to your specific requirements, you can benefit from a quick and efficient response to situations that may occur, making your production line safer and more productive than ever before. And better yet, you can give workers any information they need, right when they need it.

Keeping your employees in contact is critical in keeping your workforce moving at its most efficient level and with reliable communications, you can optimise production and minimise downtime in your business. Leversedge can find the right solution for you – contact us today to arrange your complimentary health check – our tailor-made communication solution analysis – and find out how you can benefit from a clear, instant, durable and dependable application.